Fastest Rollercoaster In The World Closes

World’s Fastest Rollercoaster Shut Down Due To Injuries

The faster rollercoaster in the world known for its ‘super death speeds’ was shut down after riders reportedly broke their bones due to its crushing force and speed.

Four people in their 30’s and 50’s reported injuries after riding the Do-Dodonpa. The passengers reported having broken their bones including their neck and back on the ride at the Fuji-Q Highland amusement park following the closure of the Do-Dodonpa for inspections. 

On the 12th of August, the ride was closed and will remain shut until further notice. The amusement park said the ride has closed for a ‘safety inspection’ but that an underlying relationship between the injuries and ride has not yet been established.

Here’s a video of the world’s fastest ride in action: 

Previously, there had been reports of incidents of the ride but later found no safety issues were apparent. According to Asahi, Japanese Newspaper, after the fourth incident had happened on the 12th August when a man suffered a compression fracture in his neck, the park suspended the ride and made a full inspection of the attraction.

The Do-Dodonpa has the highest acceleration rollercoaster in the world, going from standstill to 180km/h in 1.56 seconds, according to the park. 

The Fuji-Q Highlands park has expressed its ‘deepest sympathies’ to those injured.

The park had said, “We will endeavour to investigate the cause under the guidance of the government”.

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