A mother has been left ‘mortified’ after her young daughter mistook her vibrating sex ring for a kids toy and took it to school.

The red-faced woman has shared her incredibly awkward conversation with another school mum after her little one GIFTED the ‘toy ring’ to a friend.

The woman shared a screenshot of the wincing exchange to a Facebook group (she’s braver than us!).

The conversation started with a message from the fellow mum saying: “Hey xxxx gave this to xxxxx on the bus today?” Along with a photo of the rubber ring which she had laid on some kitchen roll.

I think we can all agree this is most likely one of the LAST messages you’d want to see pop up on your phone.

Many are questioning the fact if the toy is clean or not.

As anyone would be in this situation the mum was in shock replying: “Wow, I am mortified!!! I don’t even know what to say.”

“I am so sorry! I can assure you though that it was NOT used!”

Claiming “We just got a four-pack and I just went to check and one was missing.”

“She probably thought it was a ring”

The mums soon saw the funny side of it joking that it’s “one for the books” and saying “Thank God it wasn’t show and tell today.”

Of course, anyone who this isn’t happening to also found the funny side with some saying they were “dead” from laughing so hard.

Others also shared their stories:

“My son came out when he was two waving my dildo around like a sword.”

“I have a golden retriever that likes to carry things to visitors to get attention… He brought our vibrator to the door to greet our neighbour.”

Some people were questioning that it was in fact unused:

“I love how it’s on a paper towel. Xxx’s mom was NOT buying that it wasn’t used.”

“What get’s me is that the actual ring looks stretched”

“It’s used one time and p*** quality or used a s*** ton of times and too stretched.”

“I like how it’s all laid out on a piece of toilet paper like you know that b**** was disgusted and probably made her kid bathe in hand sanitizer after that.”

One thing is for certain, we can imagine both of these mums will be putting their personal items out of their reach in the future.

Would you share the story of your child taking your vibrating sex ring to school if it happened?

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