man cuddling gorilla

Gorilla Spends Final Moments Cuddling The Man Who Saved Her

Back in 2007, Virunga National Park rangers saved a 2-month-old gorilla called Ndakasi in the Congolese wilderness. She was found hugging the body of her mother whose life had been taken all too short by poachers. However, despite her gruesome beginning, her story is full of love and kindness. Shortly after Ndakasi was rescued from

Video of Baby Snake Breaking Out of its Shell

A video recorded by Chester Zoo shows a baby snake emerging from its egg and eventually making it out and then exploring its environment.  The internet is full of both cute and sometimes dangerous wild animal videos. Snakes, in particular, seem to divide the community and not in just a love/hate way either. They come

Walkers Crisps Fury

Walker Crisps are under fire after it cuts 2 bags of crisps from multipacks but price remains the same. Reports this weekend say customers are angry after the number of packs in a multipack bag have been cut. There are just 22 bags of crisps rather than the original number of 24. But the price
Comedy pet photos

23 Funny Pet Photos From The Comedy Pet Photo Awards

Our pets play a hugely positive role in our lives, which is why the Comedy Pet Photo Awards work to raise money and awareness for animal welfare charities. They have partnered with Animals Friends Insurance to donate £10,000 to help go towards food, shelter, and veterinary support to pets and pet owners. Over 2,000 photos

​Fossil Hunters Unearth Two New Species of Dinosaurs By Isle of Wight

Fossil hunters have discovered two new species of dinosaurs which roamed around the south of England 125 million years ago, this discovery has shed new light on the predators. Palaeontologists have described one of the meat-eating reptiles as a “hell heron”, cross-referencing its hunting method to a formidable version of the bird. The three-toed remains

Family Struggles To Keep Up With Bills For Life-Support Sisters

Parents of extremely ill girls say rapidly increasing energy prices have left them in a tough spot struggling to pay bills for life-saving equipment. Mark and Pam Gleave who live in Amlwch in Anglesey adopted three children who all need around the clock life support. The children’s medical needs have become greater which has caused
Take a break - Harry and Meghan

“Take a Break” Prince Harry & Meghan Message

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are telling us all to “take a break”. The message was noticed by readers of their not-for-profit website ‘Archewell’ who noticed a pop-up message which appeared after 20 minutes of being on the site. The message reads: “We love having you here, but we’re mindful of your screen time.

Videos of La Palma Volcanic Eruption Causing Unstoppable Lava Rivers

The ungodly roar of the newly formed volcano mouth in La Palma can be heard for miles as molten lava spews out destroying everything in its wake. When a volcano erupts in your backyard… La Palma, one of Spain’s Canary Islands.#LaPalma — Aaron Smith (@PeeDee_WxSC) September 19, 2021 The volcanic footage coming out of