Sri Lankan man smashes world record for TV binge-watching.

Sri Lankan man smashes world record for TV binge-watching.

Suresh Joachim has set a new Guinness world record for the longest time spent watching TV. Joachim achieved this feat by watching ABC shows for 69 hours and 48 minutes straight. He accomplished this remarkable feat as part of the “Guinness World Record Breaker Week” on the talk show “Live With Regis and Kelly”.

After breaking the previous record of 50 hours and 7 minutes on Thursday, Joachim continued until Friday morning. On Friday morning he finally stopped watching TV. During this time, he was sitting on a brown leather couch, unable to watch anything other than ABC shows.

Joachim was quoted by The Associated Press, saying, “I’m going to be a little tired of watching TV after this.” But the hardest part of the experience, he shared on “Regis and Kelly,” was not being able to watch the people outside the ABC studio waving at him during the show.

Guinness rules dictate that couch potato contenders must take a five-minute break every hour and a 15-minute break every eight hours. Other than that, the viewer must remain glued to the screen. Joachim followed all the rules and came out victorious.

This isn’t the first world record set by Joachim. He now holds more than 16 Guinness records, including the longest duration balancing on one foot (76 hours, 40 minutes) and bowling for 100 hours. Joachim claims that he does it all to raise awareness of suffering children.

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