Train Crash in Salisbury: “I heard screaming and shouting” 

The scary moment was described as hearing “a big crash” and “saw flames” which made him feel “pretty scared”. A different passenger explained that she was thrown out of her seat as the trains collided.

Daylight images below show the collision between the two trains in Salisbury. Several people were admitted to the hospital, passengers describe the ordeal as ‘scary’ being thrown from their seats and seeing ‘flames’.

The rear carriage of the 17:08 Great Western service from Portsmouth Harbour to Bristol Temple Meads was derailed after crashing into an object and then a second train crashed into it due to its signalling being damaged.

A family out trick or treating described the noise of the crash as “like thunder” and “a bomb”.

Footage of this horrific event appeared to show a derailed train on its side and the South Western train still upright.

A train driver was trapped in his cab but quickly freed and sent to the hospital.

The majority of passengers were evacuated and led to safety by the firefighters and an investigation is now underway to identify the cause of the crash. 50 firefighters were sent to the scene by Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Passengers described the crash as:

“After that, the lights went out and the position of the train was like 45 degrees tilted to the right.”

“I heard a lot of girls screaming and boys shouting. Then when the train stopped the lights went out.”

“a really scary” experience

“long rumbling sound like thunder”.

A news correspondent said trees had been blown over due to “strong autumnal winds”.

Martin Frobisher engineering and group safety director at Network rail said:

“We’re hugely relieved that nobody was seriously injured, but the passengers must have had a really scary experience, and we’re very sorry for that.”

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