ROAMDOME is a brand new full-body immersive VR experience opening in Leicester just in time for Christmas.

ROAMDOME will be located inside TeamSport in Thurmaston Leicester, an indoor go-karting track. This brand new attraction use state of the art VR equipment to offer the very best full-body VR experience in the UK.

Guy van der Walt, ROAMDOME CEO said:

“People will visit again and again to “Get Ported” into the future of immersive entertainment. Our technology partner, trueVR systems, developed a near-perfect bundle of multisensory, full-body, virtual reality technology, and we are delighted to bring it first to Leicester. The venue looks fantastic, and we are very much looking forward to seeing how customers look and react after they experience our worlds.

“I believe ROAMDOME will become known as the “UK’s ultimate immersive experience store, and this is only the beginning.”

TeamSport Karting site offers much more than just go-karting including family-friendly activities like crazy golf and eDarts and not the most advanced full-body immersive VR experience so real, you’ll forget where you are.

What do you think about VR experiences?

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