8 Tips On How To Keep Your Kids Cool In This Hot Weather

While the warmer weather does make most things child-related easier, you don’t have to put 10 layers on so they’re warm being one example. When it’s too hot though, it can cause tricky situations to arise, like keeping them safe in the sun and ensuring they are equipped to deal with the heat. Here are our tips to help keep your kids cool.

Stay hydrated

Ensure your children are hydrated with regular drinks and you could even create a points system where once they reach x amount they’re rewarded with an ice lolly.

Use electric fans

Fans are better than air conditioning units as they don’t dry up the air. However, you should only really use one if the temperature is over 35c. While this is a rarity in the UK you can take note if you’re on holiday. Never aim the fan directly at the body.

Avoid the car

It’s no secret that cars trap heat, so it’s hard to be able to stay cool in your vehicle unless it has proper air conditioning. But when the weather is really warm, try to keep it local and go to a local park.

If this isn’t an option try travelling during the cooler times of the day (morning, late afternoon/evening). Make sure you never leave your baby in a hot car for any period of time.

Chill rooms before bedtime

This one takes a fair bit of preparation, you need to be thinking of bedtime even when it’s 2pm. Shut the curtains and windows then the sun is on them and once it’s moved off open windows on either side of the house to produce a thorough breeze. Just be careful that your children can’t climb out.

Strip them off

Keep pyjamas down to a minimum. If it’s very hot you can just go with a nappy and use a single well-secured sheet that won’t come loose throughout the night.

Fill up the paddling pool

Dig out your trusty paddling pool, fill it up and don’t forget to set up a deck chair next to it for yourself. Ensure it’s in the shade so it will stay cool and you watch over your children at all times. You can also run a lukewarm bath before bed to help cool them down.

Get a nursery thermometer

Babies sleep best in a room when the temperature is between 16c and 20c so being able to keep tabs on the temperature is very handy.

Pop on a hat

You thought you had parenting nailed until your tried to put a hat on your toddler. A great battle indeed but it’s important for them to keep it on during the heat.

The best ones are those with wide brims, a flap for their neck and a little velcro strap which goes under the chin to keep it secure.

We hope these tips helped, if you have any other tips to keep kids cool let us know!

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