Shauna Halstad admits her 50kg Bernese mountain dog/Newfoundland cross Flynn, is a scaredy-cat.

The list of what he’s afraid of seems to be endless. “He hates boxes, the dark, bags, he is afraid of our cat who is a toothless, clawless rescue, he is pretty much afraid of his own shadow.”

However, there is one thing that helps to curb Flynns fears, his fuzzy blankies…

Which have been everywhere with him for the last year and a half.

Shauna first brought the small blanket home to help clean his paws but never expected her big dog to become so attached. “I picked one up at the dollar store — it was supposed to be for cleaning his paws,” Halstad said. “He immediately decided it was his to cuddle. He started carrying it around nonstop and even wanted to take it on his walks.”

She added, “I had to go back and buy more, he grabs it as soon as he wakes up and drags it all over the house and backyard.”

To us, it may just be a piece of cloth a little larger than a dishcloth but to Flynn, it’s so much more.

“He protests having to walk without his blanket, he likes to hoard them into a pile.”

Although Flynn is much bigger than the squirrels and rabbits who visit his garden, he’s terrified of them. But, the fuzzy blankets bring him comfort and courage to put his paws on grass.

“Life is definitely not boring with him around,” Halstad said. “He is an old soul in a puppy body, and he’s taught us all to slow down and enjoy the moment — especially the puppy cuddles.”

Flynn brings an incredible amount of joy to his family and they’re just glad he’s found something that brings him comfort in stressful/scary situations as he does for them.

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