It’s no secret, that cats are renowned for getting themselves stuck in all sorts of places but an ATM is a first for the staff at Fort Smith Animal Haven.

The Fort Smith Fire Department in Arkansas ‘withdrew’ the grey tabby kitten from an ATM after someone heard a ‘meow’ coming from within.

Now named ‘Cash’, the little kitten shocked everyone with his story when arriving at the shelter.

When speaking with local news Alexis Bloom from Fort Smith Animal Haven said “Probably trying to find shade is why, but I can’t tell you how,”

Vet tech Ashley added “This is actually my first experience with a cat getting stuck in an ATM. You know, I never thought that somebody would be able to go up and make a withdrawal and get a cat out instead of some cash, so now we have both.”

Unsurprisingly the little tabby kitten was cranky, hungry, and in need of a bubble bath and of course a name. They decided to go with ‘Cash’ for adorable would-be cat-burglar.

After a couple of weeks, Cash has made a full recovery and is almost up to a healthy weight where he can get his vaccinations and begin socialising with other kittens and then he’s ready to be fostered. When the story hits the headlines Cash will undoubtedly be a sought-after kitten but the shelter has said there of loads of loving animals that need a home which can be found on their adoption website.

A recent story from GNN shared another grey tabby managing to get stuck inside a Pepsi Co. vending machine. This just goes to show there is no machine that is impenetrable for a cat, especially a grey tabby.

Watch the kitten get saved from the atm below:

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