If You Own Any of These Old Toys You Can Retire

This year has been a struggle financially for most of us, but if you’ve got any of these old toys knocking about in the loft then you could be in for quite a windfall!

These days, most kids are only bothered about tech and toys are well and truly out of fashion, but wind the clock back a few decades and things were very different. From dolls to figures, board games to video games, the toy industry was booming and parents were always on the hunt for the next big thing.

Now that fans of Barbie and Action Man have all grown up and have money of their own, the nostalgic toy game is big business.

Let us show you some of the most in-demand nostalgic toys, and how much you could expect to rake in from them…

Polly Pockets

Not the naff, over-sized things you see in B&M and Homebargains these days. No, we’re talking about the pre-1998 choking hazard Polly Pockets.

Typically each one fetches between £20-30 online, but rarer ones can sell for as much as £450!

If you do happen to have a few gathering dust somewhere, bundle them up and make a bit more money!

Pokémon cards

The first edition cards that were printed from 1999-2000 are the ones to look out for and the rarer the better, obviously.

The most expensive Pokémon card sold to date was the Pikachu Illustrator Card which made a whopping £180,000.

There are some other rare cards to look out for that could also be worth a bob or two – for example a first edition Holographic Shadowless Charizard is worth around £9,000 and a first edition Shining Charizard should fetch around £1,000.


If you’re a child of the late ’80s or early 90s you’re bound to remember these super annoying furry creatures that drove your parents round the twist after they queued for 2 days to get their hands on one for Christmas.

Well, it turns out that their commitment to getting you that year’s hottest gift wasn’t in vain…if you have an original 1998 Furby and you were to sell it online you could make up to £200!

Harry Potter Books

If you were a Harry Potter fan back in your youth and managed to bag a first edition hardcover copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 1997 then you could be sat on a small fortune. The books are currently valued at a whopping £28,850-£39,700! Paperback versions of the first edition also make four-figure sums!

First editions of the next couple of books in the series are also worth a pretty penny – The Chamber of Secrets for example typically sells for around £6500!

So there you have it, get rooting and see what you can find!

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