McVitie's settled the debate as to which side the chocolate is on

McVitie’s, the iconic British biscuit brand, has finally settled the debate as to which side the chocolate is on.


The chocolate digestive is a beloved biscuit in Britain. The debate over the chocolate orientation has raged on for years. Some argue the chocolate should be on top, while others say it should be on the bottom.

McVitie’s, the makers of the biscuit, has finally given an official answer. They have declared that the chocolate side of the biscuit is on the bottom.


Responding to an email enquiry from a Reddit user.

McVitie’s revealed that the biscuits are coated with chocolate as they pass through a reservoir of the silky-smooth milk chocolate.

The company also added that the biscuit part is stamped with their logo, indicating that it should be the side facing upwards.


The chocolate digestive is one of the most popular biscuits in Britain.

It is known for its ability to withstand multiple tea dunkings without crumbling.

Although its name implies that it aids digestion, the biscuit’s high fat and sugar content renders it an unhealthy snack.

This is not the first time McVitie’s has had to take a strong stance on how people should eat their products.

Previously, the company declared that Jaffa Cakes should have the chocolate on top, despite many people traditionally eating them with the sponge side facing upwards.


While the news may come as a disappointment to those who believed the chocolate should be on top, McVitie’s has finally settled the debate that has raged on for years.


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