The World’s Worst Home Design Fails That Make Absolutely No Sense

With most of us dabbling in a bit of DIY over lockdown, we thought we’d pull together some of the world’s worst home design fails that will make you question the right to artistic liberty.

The Balcony Pool

Although Texas has hit the headlines recently because of its unprecedented snowfall, its best known for its hot hot climate. With that in mind, this person took the ‘infinity pool’ to a whole other level in an effort to cool off…and we have sooooo many questions!

The Glass Loo

I mean, who in their right mind would look at a standard loo and think “oooo wouldn’t it be great if I could see my poo in graphic detail?”!

The Social Distancing Bath

Ok so some of you might be thinking, ‘that’s actually quite cool’, however, how does the woman get out if the man wants 10 more minutes?

The Brief = Kneck Pain & Heavy injury

If nothing else, I would bet a years’ salary on that that TV killing someone! Then there’s the purple sponge painting and sh*t attempt at recreating the Sistene Chaple…I literally have no more words…JUST NO!

The Conversion That Went Wrong

Conversions are notoriously difficult to get right and the windows in this one sure make a bold statement!


This tile clearly wanted to follow it’s own path…

The Bathroom-Diner

Most people these days enjoy the thought of open plan living, but there’s open plan and then there’s OPEN plan!

Here’s an idea to add some excitement to your room

I mean who wouldn’t love a massive crystal c*ock on their ceiling?

Parking for Pro’s

Not to stereotyping here, but I could definitely not be trusted to reverse onto that driveway!

A Lofty Disaster

The only thing that’s worse than those hideous Frog-Tape feature walls is this picture. I mean credit to its builder, there’s a lot of standout features in this room…but none of them are good!

Invisible Steps

Homeowner – “I want something that always keeps me on my toes.”

Interior designer – “I got you.”

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