After 5 decades of fighting, across 5 weight classes, and 5 different disciplines, Waine “Homeboy” Turner is a true homegrown Midlands champion.

So who is Waine Turner?

Born into a military family in Aldershot, Waine grew up with a multitude of illnesses as a child which he had to fight through to overcome. Then, at the age of three, he had an accident which left many people telling him he wouldn’t be able to do certain things or live a normal life. Despite this, Waine fought through the adversity, got himself fit, and turned to Vincent “Black Dragon” Lewis with the Aston Black Dragons to learn martial arts.

These early hardships and his persistence to fight through them, act as the building blocks for Waine’s mindset and the motto he lives by:

“believe it and you can do it”

This motto is what drives his ambitions and actions. He takes pride in his health and fitness, doesn’t drink or smoke, and maintains a healthy lifestyle. This mindset and his dedication to hard work and training, have kept him fighting fit even after 5 decades of fighting while others his age have stepped away from the fight game.

But Waine is still going strong, with his most recent win coming in an Amateur GBF Boxing Light title fight. However, this was not just a one-and-done return fight for Waine, because he is back in training and back on yet another title run.

Waine is a 3-time national grand champion, WAKO amateur British champion, Bronze medal holder in the world championships, and was in the Aston Blackdragon’s A team. And that’s not all, Waine was also the WAKO Pro British and European Super Cruiserweight champion, and the WKA British Heavyweight/Grand champion.

And at age 55, Waine is showing no signs of slowing down and is still actively fighting, with his sights set on his seventh world title!

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