Meet The Man Who Spent £20k Turning His House Into An Aquarium

Oh, my cod; let’s introduce you to 47-year-old Jack Heathcote, who’s spent a whopping £20k turning his house into a mesmorising aquarium.

The fish fanatic who claims to hate TV has installed not one but NINE massive tanks in his suburban semi including a massive 7ft deep aquarium in his cellar, which is home to 50 perch, rudd and tench, caught in a canal, and four huge mirror carp.

Credit: The Sun/News Licensing 

The former council worker says he’d much rather settle down and watch his 400 fish after a long day’s work than binge watch Netflix.

Jack said, “I can watch them for hours interacting with each other. It’s very relaxing.”

Jack’s spent what most people earn in a year on modifying his Nottingham home that now boasts a massive 4800-gallon tank in the cellar as well as others in the lounge, landing, hallway, bedroom and shed.

Credit: The Sun/News Licensing

Speaking about his treasured pets Jack who gave up his council job to become a landlord said, “They’re not like other animals because they are always on the move.

My friends think they are great. They often join me on the sofa to watch them, like other people would watch TV.”

Jack’s set-up is reported to be the ‘UK’s biggest private fish tank’.

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