The ‘People’s Champ’ has proved himself worthy of the title once again after an incredible gift that left a veteran in tears.

Dwayne is one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood but despite his fame, he remains one of the nicest. He has been known to reach out to fans expressing his gratitude, stopping bus tours to say hello and take photos.


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Recently, the Jumanji star invited some fans to the screening of his new Netflix film ‘Red Notice’ with Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot. But, for one fan it’s a day he’ll never forget.


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The Rock shared a video of the day seen above with the caption: ‘Free concessions, @projectrock, @teremana, @zoaenergy, @saltandstraw ice cream. Free everything and a great time at the movies! I also wanted to do something BIG… something MASSIVE… something unforgettable for one fan.’

The clip shows Dwayne having a chat with the fan in the cinema after the movie had finished, saying ‘I read his story and I was really impressed with his story too, I want to highlight him,’ as he invited down Oscar Rodriguez.

I gathered as much information as I could about everyone in the audience and ultimately, Oscar’s story moved me,’ The Rock shared.

‘Takes care of his 75-year-old mom. Personal trainer. Leader at his church. Provides support and meals for women victimised by domestic violence. Proud and humble Navy veteran. Kind human being. Oscar said it right, just before he drove away – it’s just love. That’s all it is, brother. Just love.’

‘It’s just an honour for me to give a little bit of joy to a dude who deserves probably a lot more than my truck,’ the star adds as Rodriguez drives off in his new whip. ‘Go enjoy your new truck dude and Merry Christmas to you and your family!’

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